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As a Nail Artist at Parlour FL Salon and a long-time nail client, I have many thoughts on all the incredible number of nail service options out there.

By far, Gel X takes the cake at Parlour FL salon! Here’s why…

Shape, Look, Feel

As A Nail Artist: At Parlour FL salon, we are one of the only luxury salons in the area to offer authentic Gel X services. Using the original Gel X high quality products from Apres (@apresnailofficial) allows me to find the perfect contour to any and all nail shapes. 

As A Client: Gel X nails appear natural and are so lightweight. They make me feel glamorous all the time without any effort. It’s like my favorite accessory for my hands.

Durability and Versatility

As a Nail Artist: Despite that Gel X nails are unassumingly slim, they mimic the strength of acrylic nail systems, with a more modern process than dip powder systems. At Parlour FL salon we provide our clients with the best possible options to fit within their lifestyle. 

As A Client: I love that I can change my mind often without the worry of damaging my natural nail beds to achieve any shape, length, or design in such a short appointment time at Parlour FL.

Safety and Service Time Experience – Application to Removal

As a Nail Artist: The use of a full tip and soft gel reduces pressure on the nail bed, making it a safer application method than traditional acrylic and other hard gel systems. At Parlour we only use the highest quality and chemical free products that provide the best performance on the market. Our guests can enjoy an odor free nail service which allows for a more relaxed and comfortable visit to our salon in North Palm Beach. Pre-designed sets can take as little as 20 minutes to apply and even less time to remove.

As A Client: I do not feel any stinging or burning that usually happens when the drill file or chemical based products are used on my gel manicures. To be able to walk into a luxury salon like Parlour in North Palm Beach and have a full set of glamorous, fun, dreamy, or classic nails applied in less time than it would take me to run a mile (just kidding, I don’t run) is a major benefit. Removal, is quick, easy, and comfortable as well.

Get ready to be showered with compliments with the nails of your dreams. Visit Parlour FL luxe salon in North Palm Beach and reserve your appointment today! IG @ParlourFL 561.469.6940

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