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The hair is the richest ornament of women.

Martin Luther

Formaldehyde Free (Keratin) Hair Straightening Treatment System

Must Select Cut or Blow Dry

Pro Addiction is an innovative, formaldehyde-free hair straightening treatment system. It offers versatile results, from defrizzing, curly, wavy, to completely straight hair, while actively restoring hair protein for strength and resilience. With no residue left behind and no lifestyle changes needed, clients can freely style their hair and enjoy activities like swimming without compromising the ProAddiction effect.

Brazilian Blow Out

Custom Bonding/Conditioning


Must Select Cut or Blow Dry

Custom Curated Conditioning and Hair Strengthening Treatments 

Our customized treatments are designed to bring out the best in your hair. Our bespoke formulas help restore moisture and hydration, while enhancing your color and style.

Custom Bonding and Conditioning

Treatment Options

Nothing revitalizes your appearance quite like an outstanding texture treatment from Parlour FL. Our superior texturing can turn straight locks into curly cascades, and naturally wavy tresses into refined sleekness. Each treatment is customized to your unique preferences, ensuring remarkable and enduring outcomes.

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